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Well, I have thought about doing this for a very long time, but thinking about it didn’t make it happen.  (Now there’s a big surprise, huh?)  There has to be a place and a time to start.  This is it.  Welcome to my blog.  I have many ideas that I want to share, explore, ponder, and hone.  I often think aloud – which usually gets me in trouble and is followed by, “Did I say that out loud?”  To really understand where I am going and what I really think, believe and want to say, I have always relied on writing to sort all of that out.  Hopefully at some point there will be enough on here to make others join in the discussion with me or use my ideas in some way.

Before we get too far along, you should probably know what I’m all about.  I was an educator for over 30 years – even I can’t believe it was that long or that I’m this old, but there it is.  During my career I taught middle school (shudder at the thought) and high school English and was the school librarian for a middle and high school.  I was a yearbook advisor and newspaper advisor.  After leaving public education, which I walked away from and never looked back, I found that I did miss sharing books and ideas children and adults interested in a wide range of things.  I found my place now at a local public library in the children’s library.  So my experience has grown, and I can say that I have worked with children from birth through high school and from there through their adult years.  I have read aloud to them, recommended books, acted as surrogate parent and counselor, befriended them, gone to their weddings and more of their funerals than should ever have happened.  I’ve even taught children of the children I taught.

What I will be talking about in this blog will start with (but never be limited to:

  1.  A love reading – especially reading aloud, performing as it were.  I think that there is beauty in language and that sharing a story can bring about a rich, deep connection with others.
  2. The value of literacy to children and their development.
  3. Children’s books
  4. Young adult books
  5. Adult books
  6. Depression, anxiety, mindfulness and other things that are floating around in my thought processes
  7. Kindness
  8. Mindfulness
  9. The world – I’ve often quoted a bumper sticker I saw many years ago that said it was too bad that everyone who knew how to run the world was busy teaching school.  Like everyone else I know, I have ideas and strong opinions that I’ll share here
  10. Connections to other blogs, websites, authors, and other things that strike my fancy


Welcome along.



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