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Seasoned to be Interesting

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No rocking chairs here (unless the grandbaby is visiting and needs one).  The people in my life who have a few years behind them are living vital, interesting, active lives with friends and family.  They would certainly make some interesting characters for a book!


I have reached an age where there are lots more people younger than me than there are older than me.  That’s okay.  I love being around people of all ages.  But not too long ago I realized that everyone I was reading about was younger.  Everyone. 

Part of that comes becauseI love children’s books and young adult literature.  If you have read any of my blog before, you already know that.  But even when I read books written for an adult audience, I am finding that so many of the characters are in their twenties or thirties.  And they are interesting.  But so are so many other characters who are older.

Many classic works of literature feature older characters:  The Odyssey, Les Misérables, Silas Marner, Don Quixote, A Christmas Carol and others.   (Many lists will include Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, but I can’t put that on my list as a recommendation – I really don’t like that book.)  If you’re up for reading plays, there are many more.  Shakespeare certainly features them.   Driving Miss Daisy and On Golden Pond, are plays featuring older characters, but you probably saw the movies – and it is much more fun seeing a play than reading one.

My list of books below have only one thing in common.  They all have older characters who are integral to the story.  At times they are the main characters.  There are a couple books on the list where the main character is a child, but the people in that child’s life are older.  These “seasoned” characters are like the people I have experienced in my life.  Some are feisty, some grumpy, wise, caring, multi-dimensional, living life to its fullest, experiencing end of life, and everything else within the spectrum of life.  There are series.  Some books are older (I couldn’t leave Miss Marple out) and some are as new as this month.  I guess there is one other characteristic I think they share…they are enjoyable reading.

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