And If All You Hear is a Whisper of Leaves…

There are times when you read a book that is so wonderful, so wise, so profound that you just sit, contemplate it, maybe reread some passages, smile, and ultimately find a special place on your book shelf for it knowing that you will come back to it again.  Maybe you review it on Goodreads.  If anyone asks or you have book pals, you tell them about it the next time you’re talking books. I’ve been lucky enough to have felt that love for a few shelves worth of books that are loving placed in my bedroom bookcases. 

Once in a blue moon you find one that surpasses that.  Instead of sitting and contemplating and smiling when you finish it, you want to jump up and tell someone about it.  You want to call friends, tell people about it, and run to the bookstore for copies to share because they aren’t getting this one!  I’ve felt that way about less than a handful of books so far.  Wishtree by Katherine Applegate is one of these books! 

I read the book in one sitting.  That isn’t a big deal even for someone who reads as slowly as I do.  It’s short.  It has lots of white space.  And, above all, I couldn’t put it down.  This is an unlikely book to elicit this response.  It is a children’s book.  But I’ve felt this way about a children’s book before.  The main character is a tree.  Yes, you read that correctly.  That’s what makes it an unusual book for me to love.  I don’t even like talking animals let alone talking trees!  But, dang it, it works!

This is a book that will speak to all ages.  It is a story of our time and a story for all time.  In our time of hatred and division, this is a story of coming together.  A story of overcoming differences, of lions lying down with lambs (no, not literally), and of hope.  I signed off of Facebook last night by saying I need to step away from all of the things that have been getting into my soul and sapping my hope for our world.  I don’t think it is an accident that this is the book that I picked up to read today.  I bought it earlier this week after seeing raves on Goodreads from two of my favorite writers, reviewers, and book women – but I had a bunch of books on my TBR pile that had been awaiting my attention.  Yet it was this one that called to me.  This is the one that I was meant to read right today.  I needed this book right now.  I think lots of people do.  You do.  I’m sure of it!  Get a copy, borrow one from the library, borrow one from me…but you’re going to want your own copy and another to lend. 

If you have read this post, if you have read this book, if you have something to add or to respond to this post, please do it here.  As I said, I’m on a FB fast for the time being.  This will share automatically there, but I won’t see any comments you make unless you do it here.  Let me know what you think too!

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  1. Thanks for recommending this book to me. I’m definitely intrigued. I’ll see if my library has it on Wednesday and order it if they don’t. 😊

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