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A Word Aptly SScreenshot 2018-09-04 22.02.50poken.  It’s the title of my blog.  It has been brought to mind quite a number of times in the last week as I listened to many give words aptly spoken.  I only wish that their words could have the impact our country needs.  I’m not going to write a long post today.  I am merely going to encourage you to go and listen to or read the words that were spoken by the people who eulogized Senator John McCain.  Leaders of our country from both parties came together to agree that here was a man who had courage, grit, determination, and character. They honored him as a man with a vision for America that was a result of his character and values rather than being in lock-step with party, fads, or public opinion. 

What you will find nestled in the words spoken to honor him are the characteristics that we would like to see in all of our leaders. 

  • A willingness to work with everyone regardless of political party. 
  • A commitment to ideals, values, and morals. 
  • The backbone to stand up for a belief in the face of arguments from your friends as well as from your foes. 
  • The ability to see the value in every human being whether you agree with them or not. 
  • The decency to give respect to an opponent by squelching rumors and slurs that are not true. 
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If you know me, you know quoting Hemingway is not something I usually do, but this one – from John McCain’s favorite book – is appropriate.

Take the time to look up the words spoken by Joe Lieberman (I, Connecticut), George W. Bush (R, Texas), Barack Obama (D, Illinois), Joe Biden (D, Delaware), Mike Pence (R, Indiana).  It will be time spent well especially if the words can initiate a change in the discourse of our country.

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