How Many Does It Take?

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I like learning things.  I go out and research things to find facts and details.  I just did a little research using the area Americans tend to value above all else – sports.  Based on the information I got from, here are the top six  largest stadiums in the United States.  First in size is Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The home to the University of Michigan is the largest holding 107,601 people (not counting the folks tailgating in the parking lot).  Next is our very own Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania.  The home of the Nittany Lions will hold 106,572 Penn State fans.  Next comes Ohio Stadium, home of The Ohio State, coming in with 102,780.  These are followed by Kyle Filed in College Station Texas home of Texas A&M with 102,455, Neyland Stadium where the Tennessee Vols play in Knoxville holding 102,455 and finally Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge where 102,321 people can watch the team from Louisiana State University play.  These stadiums often sell out on game day so these are actual numbers of people who gather there.  Added together those stadiums have a seating capacity of 521,729 fans.  The atlas lists these numbers as “capacity” which I took the liberty to assume didn’t necessarily account for teams, coaching staff, cheerleaders, vendors, and the media who don’t occupy those seats.  If you go further and add up the seating capacity for the top 50 largest stadiums in the USA, the number runs to 3,945,145.  That’s almost 4 MILLION people.

So why gather all of these numbers?   

Because if you filled those top six stadiums with the people who have died just in the United States from COVID you would not have enough room for them all.  Those six stadiums hold 521,729 people – but as of March 25, the number of deaths in the US from COVID was 558,497.  That leaves no room for 36,768 people.

If you take the total number of Americans who have contracted COVID, you could fill the top 50 stadiums almost 8 times over.  

These aren’t numbers that people can get their brains around just seeing them, but if you’ve ever attended a game in one of those sold out stadiums, you can picture that and consider that it is only a portion of these numbers.  Maybe then you can imagine filling six of those stadiums.  Even if you can’t grasp numbers that big, ask around and you can quickly give those numbers a name, a face, a story, and grieving loved ones.

And yet we STILL have people running around claiming COVID doesn’t exist, that it isn’t any worse than the flu, they don’t need to take any kind of precautions like wearing a mask or getting a vaccine.  There are almost 3 million people who have died WORLDWIDE.  This isn’t an American political issue meant to get someone elected. If you believe any of these ridiculous denials of the danger…well, it takes a special kind of stupid to come to that conclusion in the face of these numbers.  

I cannot imagine how anyone can be so selfish, so narrow-minded in their vision and their ability to understand facts, so willing to ignore the medical experts and follow a bunch of politicians or unknown yahoos online.  But they have made clear their level of compassion and/or intelligence.  And I’m not arguing with them any more.  I’m not having a battle of wits with an unarmed person!  

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and  then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain (1080x1076) : QuotesPorn

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